Ch, Ch, Ch, CHIA!

Anyone remember that commercial back in the late 80’s? So catchy!

I have mentioned, in my past posts, about using Chia seeds in my smoothies.

WHAT? The same stuff? Yup, the same stuff from the commercial is healthy for you to drink in your smoothie!

To our family, it is a new product. In the past month I’ve been researching and hearing more and more about Chia seeds and the benefits of using them. People have been using Chia seeds for thousands of years. Long before someone discovered, if spread on a plastic dog shape and then watered….”Ch, Ch, Ch, Chia!” claims that eating them helps you loose weight, and curb your cravings, blah, blah. I tend to not buy into all that, because there is WAY more to both of those than just simply adding some seeds into you diet. Anyways, on the list is some good benefits though:

  • Balance blood sugar
  • Add healthy omega-3 oil into your diet
  • Bake with less fat

This is what first grabbed my attention….“bake with less fat.” What? How?

I am not a vegan, nor do I know any vegans or have any knowledge of vegan based meals. So, if your in the same boat as me, maybe this is new to you too. Get this, Chia seeds are used as an egg replacement for vegan baked goods. I know this may sound weird, and I kept thinking “well, who cares about a dumb egg replacement!? I’m pro-egg!”

I have been baking with alternative ingredients for almost a year now. I have tried many recipes, many recipes have failed, and have invented a few along the way. I decided to put my family up for the challenge of replacing egg with the chia seeds. Why? Because I’m always looking for new and healthier ways to bake for my family.

(*Note: before replacing the egg, you have to make the chia replacement gel. 1T. chia seeds to 9T. water. Mix. Let sit for 10-15 minutes and then add 1T. of Chia gel per egg replaced. Example: recipe calls for 2 eggs. So, simply replace with 2T. chia gel. You can store the unused prepared gel, covered, in the refrigerator for up to a week.)

For my experiment, I decided to start with a recipe I had made…um, about 10 times already. Granola Bars. My kids love this recipe and I’ve shared with you all. The recipe calls for 1 egg also, so an easy replacement. Bake them, cooled them, served them….YUM! No difference in texture or flavor. It went through the kid test, so chia seeds are a go!

My next experimental place was my Nut Butter Bars. Another SCORE!

Whew, this momma’s on a roll!!! Anyways, I will keep you posted as I find new a fun ways to add the cute little seed in.

Anyone else use Chia Seeds?


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