Shawn’s Surgery Day

Yesterday was Shawn’s BIG eye surgery day. He is having surgery to replace his lens, due to a cataract in each of his eyes (right in the line of sight!), due to the continued daily prednisone he takes to keep his eczema under control….which we NOW know is caused by the food he eats. WHEW! You get all that!

33 years old with ruined eyes due to cataracts. Sad!

Shawn after surgery

While he was waiting in the surgery center, he realized that he was the youngest person by a good 50 years. He did not belong in that waiting room. There is no reason it had to get to this point either. I am kicking myself that four years ago when he started daily prednisone, we didn’t look into more natural remedies for his skin. Prednisone was the easy answer, and it did wonders for his skin. He had perfectly uncracked, uninflamed skin while on the prednisone. Pop a pill and *POOF* all skin problems, gone!

Those of you who know him personally, know his battle he has had with his skin. He began his battle at 10, and I met him at 23. I know his Mom did everything she could for him, take him to doctors, buy special lotions, use special laundry detergents. After Shawn and I got married, I picked up that “take care of him role.” I started encouraging him to see specialists, dermatologists, allergists, natural doctors, a pope, a priest…, just kidding on the last two! ;)….ANYTHING just to help him feel better!

The doctor visits got to the point of just plain ridiculous. The allergist would say “go see a dermatologist.” He’d make the appointment with the dermatologist just to hear “it’s an allergy.” Back to the allergist, who would suggest a “more comprehensive allergy test,” and to “go back to the dermatologist.” The dermatologist was the person who finally suggested a daily does of prednisone, and looking back on it, I wonder if it was her last ditch effort to help Shawn because she really had no idea what to do.

Regardless, there is no blame to any doctor. Doctors are trained and educated to study MEDICINE, not necessarily diet or wellness. We were asking the wrong people about Shawn’s condition, but I think that’s the common thing to do. “Ah, I have this problem” you go straight to the doctor. We know now that his problem would never be solved by a doctor. It took a nutritionist and hours of research and book/blog reading to find out the information we know today about his skin condition and how to better it.

The American diet was to blame for Shawn’s condition….as it is to blame for many conditions Americans have. One thing I have learned from the past year back to wellness is to research, research, research!! There is so much information out there on diseases, wellness, diet, etc. It’s hard to sort through sometimes, but it’s worth it if you find the answer you are looking for.

I am sharing Shawn’s story, because I know he is not alone. There are many others out there that have a battle, whether it be ezcema, or something else. Shawn has aged his eyes 50 years, treating a condition that would otherwise not hurt him directly.

Shawn sporting his new sunglasses after surgery


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