Some new books

Here are two new books I am reading. I just picked them up today, and am excited to get reading!

The first one: “Main Street Vegan.” ….”OMG! HOW WEIRD!” I know, right? I really never thought I’d be exploring such a strange option! And I know it’s probably not that weird. But along our journey, one thing I did notice is how much better I felt super dosed up on vegetables. I noticed a difference when I ate too much meat (as in 2-3 servings per day). The day after I would feel slow and sluggish. I have already been beef and pork free for almost a year. I’m not sure if I could be 100% vegan ….(as I’m writing this I’m chowing down on some greek yogurt!) ….but adding in more vegan meals and using more plant based protein definitely sounds appetizing to me. Anyways, the book is about being an “everyday type vegan” not the one that eats tofu for Thanksgiving meals!

The second book I bought is called “Babycakes.” OHHHH, I am so excited to break into this book with my girls!!! Colorful photos of cookies, cakes, and cupcakes on every page has got the two of them (and me!) drooling! It’s a cookbook that is “vegan, (mostly) gluten-free, (mostly) sugar-free, recipes from New York’s most talked about bakery.” Using alternatives like applesauce instead of butter/oil, and alternative flours and sugars….sign me up! 🙂 I will keep you posted on any fun recipes me and my two mini bakers find.


10 thoughts on “Some new books

  1. We’re reading from the beginning so stay with me as I ask some questions. Beef and pork…and even milk….how does it play in if you are eating grassfed meat? raw milk? When we switched to raw milk we had fewer behavior issues than we have now with some of our special needs. So I’m just wondering what you’ve read/learned about that?

    • Oh and I dont eat any beef or pork….they just kind of gross me out. Sorry. Honestly, grass fed beef and pork are treated the same way at the end. And just because its “grass fed” doesnt mean little Bessy came from a happy little farm in Nebraska….Just sayin’…..Beef is a known inflammatory also and is highly acidic. Shawn is trying to avoid acidic foods because it inflames his skin. I feel better, too, avoiding meat. But this is something we are experimenting with right now. Not sure how it will be for us in the future. 🙂

      • Ours came from a friend’s farm near college station. She watched him grow up in her backyard. :o) Buying stuff in the store I wouldn’t trust. I was referring to truly knowing the source. John has severe excema since he was a baby I think, maybe a young child, so I’m really interested in this.

      • Thank you Jeri for the support! I hope this can be a place to start for research! 🙂 For Shawns ezcema, he has been on a very strict grain-free, dairy-free diet, HIGH vegetable diet since Sept. 2011. As I have written about, he is much better than before but he still has occasional small flare up. We were told that healing the body (especially in adults!) takes dedication and a strict constant healthy diet to allow for healing time. In the past, Shawn had tried an elimination type diet (just taking out a certain thing) and noticed no success. I cannot really give you specific nutritional advice for John. I really can only share our experience and ENCOURAGE you to do more research into curing ezcema.

      • I’m sorry Jeri, I don’t know enough about the nutritional differences between grass-fed from the farm and regular cow. And if its really better for us, nutritionally. I will look into it, for sure! Thanks for the suggestion. We are looking into veganism and have researched links between inflammation and beef/meat. Its in the beginning stages of research for us. But I’ll let you know anything I find out.

    • hmm, looks like it went to outer space. It went something like this…Did the nutritionist say to cut out meat? Because I’m wondering about eating grassfed stuff that comes from the farm and is healthy vs eating what you get at the store. What about dairy did she say? When we could afford raw milk we noticed our kids had less allergies and Jovi did not have so many asthma flare ups. For us it was great? I’m just wondering if you get the good stuff, by her/his account, was it deemed something to have in your diet?

      • Our nutritionist told us to take it out completely because of the kids and Shawns issues. Each person deals with dairy differently. I highly encourage you to research the effects of dairy on the body and figure out what works for your family. I will leave you with a quote from a book i am reading right now: “we are the only species that drinks milk from another mammal and continues to drink milk after the weaning process is over.”

  2. I’ve seen that quote before. We actually didn’t drink milk for over a year back when Adam was maybe 5 or 6. We didn’t notice any change for the 3 of us. I agree that it can cause problems for some. So excited to read more of your stuff…but not tonight. I’m exhausted!

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