What’s the deal with Soy, Part 2

A tad bit dramatic of a picture, but it’s a good list of Monsanto’s hand in our food.

My friend had posted this on Facebook about a month ago. I thought it was clever. I did look at the list and realized the ONLY thing our family consumes on this list is Quaker Oatmeal. Not bad, I’d say. (Although, now I am researching gluten-free oatmeal, which would bring our support of Monsanto down to ZERO.) One comment on Facebook was “That’s EVERYTHING!” Well, no, it’s not everything. I don’t see almonds, broccoli, cage-free chickens, green beans, carrots, apples…. Get the point.

Boxed food = Processed Food = Buying Monsanto Products.

I thinks it’s Taco Bells tagline….“Think outside the box.”

No need for nutritional labels or long list of ingredients on an apple!


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