Eating the Nutrient Dense Way

Shawn and I watched the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” for the second time last night. We watched it about a year ago, and it made sense, but we were not ready to make THAT huge of a change.

In short, the documentary documents the journey to wellness for two men. They are both fat, sick, and taking slew prescription drugs just to make it through the day. Sound familiar? The first man, in the documentary, pledges 60 days to bettering his health. With the help of Dr. Joel Fuhrman (a family medical doctor and author of several books), and his juicer, he lives 60 days on fresh vegetable and fruit juice. The super juices that he drinks not only helps him lose an insane about of weight, but by the end of the 60 days his need for prescriptions is pretty much zero, his cholesterol and other blood work levels are completely normal, and his blood pressure is also in the normal range.

Anyways, a VERY good look into eating to live and NOT living to eat! You can watch the documentary for free on his website or it is also on Netflix.

Dr. Fuhrman has a unique way of looking at food. Basically, eating things that are very nutrient rich food. Eating unlimited Kale, broccoli, spinach, and really anything green, along with fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and seeds. Eating this way (eating NUTRIENT RICH FOODS) promotes excellent health. Below is his chart:

Dr. Fuhrman’s list of Nutrient Dense Foods


We just came across this chart and Dr. Fuhrmans work with reversing diseases through micro-nutrient foods, and I will be keeping it around as a quick reminder and reference. Shawn has already been exploring this as a healing option for him, and has been living proof that foods can heal. Today is 3 weeks FREE from predinsone.



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