What’s for Dinner?: Bubble and Squeak

I really wished I had been the one to come up with the name for this dish. Bubble and Squeak is a dish from England that refers to the noise it makes while it cooks. It is very simple: mashed potatoes and kale. I had never cooked kale before, but it sounded interesting. If anything, the name made for good conversation with our kids.

So what’s for dinner? Bubble and Squeak; carrots, cucumbers and hummus; and cherries.

The recipe was from Whole Foods, and we all voted it an A+ recipe…which THAT is a hard thing to do! I got my kids to eat kale, I think that’s a major accomplishment, right? Here are some comments on the dish:

Hannah (age 8) said: “You know, Mom, you make stuff that just looks plain gross, but tastes great!”

Julia (age 7) said: “I think you should call this ‘mushed up stuff and tree leaves.'”

Logan (age 3) said: “Mommy, there’s leaves on my plate.”

Jacob(age 3) had no comment and finished his food before everyone else. đŸ˜‰



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