Some great information from my blogger friend on milk. Thank you Lisa for doing the research!

She's Losing It!

I love milk.  Most “clean eating” people I’ve met, are pretty opposed to milk and dairy products with the exception of non-fat Greek yogurt.  But why?  What’s so bad about milk?

Problems With Milk:(from the Harvard School of Public Health)

  • Lactose Intolerance
  • High Saturated Fat
  • Possible Increase of Ovarian Cancer
  • Probable Increased Risk of Prostrate Cancer

I’m lactose intolerant and according to a September 15, 2009 USA Today article, 60% of people can’t digest milk.  Apparently we are not even supposed to after the age of 5!  No other animals drink milk after childhood.  Here is the article for your reference:

But milk tastes really good and is a convenient source of calcium to help avoid  osteoporosis, right?  I always heard that a woman should drink 3 glasses of milk per day.  Not so!  Per Harvard:

“Currently, there’s no good evidence that consuming more than one serving…

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