Some great advice about adapting recipes to fit your needs.

Gazing In

With school being 3 weeks away I figured I should start baking up cookies to freeze for lunches. I have fall on the mind, even with it being 84° outside… I was feeling inspired by warmer flavors. On one of the blogs I follow, the topic came up about failures in vegan baking. My secret is taking proven non-vegan recipes and adapting them, particularly those in Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks. Overall I had success with nearly all the recipes adapted this way. My methods?

Don’t mess with the baking powder/baking soda or salt called for. Baking is a science.

If you change the flour from all-purpose to whole wheat, use white whole wheat. It is a better choice in taste and texture, it doesn’t have the heavy feel of whole wheat flour (and not to worry – it is actually whole wheat flour, just a different type!) If you are not used to white whole wheat use half it…

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