Idea! Mix Bags!

First of all, I have to thank my dear sister-in-law (Lynn) for this idea. She graciously came down for 10 days after my twins were born to help out. She originally gave me this idea, but I think in my “baby-brain-fog” it didn’t really sink in, until now. Thank you, Lynn!

I know this idea isn’t new. In fact, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury have been making a living off of this idea. So, I’m just coping it. I know there are pre-made boxed mixes that could fit our dietary needs. But to be honest, they are incredibly expensive for a family of 6, and well, honestly, they just taste plain tasty….at least all the ones I’ve tried. I love to bake and experiment in the kitchen, so I haven’t really minded making homemade muffins, breads, and cookies for my family. It has never been a chore to me. Most of the time, my four kids line up at the counter to help out.

The other day, I was making granola bars for like the 100th time. Every time I make them, I have to unload about 15 different ingredients from the pantry. As I was tossing the ingredients into my mixer, the wise words from my sister-in-law came into my head (mind you, she suggested this 3 years ago…) “why don’t you make mix bags of the dry ingredients for future use, and then all you have to do is just mix in the wet ingredients when you go to make them.”

Duh! Why haven’t I been following her advice?!?

I could completely simplify my baking by making up mix bags of certain recipes I know I’m going to make, store them in ziplock bags, and then mix in the wet ingredients when I want to make them.

Anyways, I have followed her advice now and made up some bags for later use! (Hannah wrote the wet ingredients on a sticky note, to be added later.)

Wow, now I just feel so smart! 😉



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