What’s THAT?: Meet Kale

Meet Kale. It may not be that weird, but it was weird to me when it was first mentioned that I should eat it. WHAT? It’s strange looking and not what usually shows up in my salad.

My trainer, Jenn, had added it in to my meal plan, and when I saw it, I quickly replied: “Um, can I just eat spinach.” She let me substitute it, and it wasn’t until I saw the movie Forks over Knives that I realized it was a superfood that everyone should be eating everyday!

Joel Fuhrman, author of many nutrition books including “Eat to Live” puts kale as 1000 on the list of the most nutrient dense foods! Translation: probably THE most important, nutritious foods we can eat.

Joel Fuhrman’s list of nutrient dense foods

Here is another poster I found that explains why kale is a superfood to us humans:

Whew, that’s some good stuff!

Okay, so taste part and what to do with it for us “normal people.”

It is a very bitter vegetable. It’s nothing like eating iceberg or happy little romaine. It is beyond me why God would create such an awesome vegetable but then make it taste like dirt. Maybe there are people out there that do like the taste of kale, but for me, it was tough getting down the first few times. But now, after giving it a few tries, I’ve gotten used to the flavor and ways to make it to sneak it into my food.

Here are a few ways to eat it:

  • Make kale chips
  • Eat it raw: remove stems, and put it into a bowl with olive oil and a little bit of salt (takes away the bitter taste)
  • Mix it in with something: like “Bubble and Squeak”!
  • Buy baby kale (which is less bitter), and mix it in with your romaine salad
  • Juice it! It goes pretty well through a juicer, and then you can add an apple to take away some of the flavor.
  • Blend it! This is what I do for my kids: In a blender, mix kale, blueberries, almond milk, and strawberries…you will never taste the kale, trust me, kid approved! 😉
  • Saute it! In a pan, mix together olive oil, salt, and kale. Cook lightly until soft.

Kale is found at most all grocery stores. I always thought it was one of those “special vegetables” that only came from Whole Foods. Well, I was wrong; kale is pretty much everywhere I’ve been, and it’s not a special Whole Foods vegetable. It’s about as common as iceberg.

I’m still learning how to cook with kale, anyone have any favorite recipes or uses? Would love to hear from you, please share! 🙂

Happy kale eating!



10 thoughts on “What’s THAT?: Meet Kale

  1. Kale IS bitter but there are a bunch of different varieties (so I’m told). My favorite variety is Lacinato kale, also called “Dinosaur kale” if you shop at Whole Foods. All the green with none of the bitter. Give it a shot!!

    • Unfortunately our closest Whole Foods is 45 mins downtown 😦 boo! I’ve only tried baby kale and regular kale….which is at our grocery store. I’ll have to check out others! Thanks for the info, Tara! 🙂

  2. I know it took me a long time to even like kale. I am not to love stage yet, but getting close 😉 For me mixing half kale/half spinach works great – spinach is sweet enough to cover the bitterness. That and chopping the kale up tiny helped.

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