Our New Little Green Garden

I really wish I had a green-thumb, and knew all about plants and how to grow them into these healthy beautiful things. Unfortunately, I am not a natural gardener. But I guess anyone can change by researching and reading books. So, I’m turning a new leaf (haha) this fall, and trying my hand at gardening.

Actually, I should say “WE are trying our hand at gardening” because this has become a huge group effort.

Our little garden started out as a simple, “let’s grow some tomatoes.” Shawn and I didn’t really want to spend much money on this garden, nor did we want to rip up our yard. Eventually, Shawn would like to make cedar planter boxes to make a raised bed, but that’s not in our budget right now.

We got creative and resourceful and call this our “Recycled Garden” because everything used to make this garden (with exception of the fence, dirt, and seeds) was found around our house. And yes, EVERYTHING.

We had to start out by building a fence to divide our yard out. We have a puppy who loves fresh dirt to dig in, and well, tomatoes would be ripped up pretty fast. The fence was pretty easy to put up. We found it at Home Depot, and installed it in about 30 minutes.

The wrought-iron fence was priced well: $25 per section and we needed only 3 sections, plus a gate: $20. Anyways, a good solution to keep over-zealous gardeners and puppies out of the area. 😉


Julia and Hannah take turns watering the garden. They worked out their own system.

The next thing that we added to the garden was tomatoes. We found 5 large containers in our garage, and used those for planting. Rather than placing them directly on the grass, we put bricks under them to help the buckets sit nice and straight.

In the small orange planter box (pictured above) we put kale. I’m not sure how this will grow in this container, so we are just experimenting! In the above picture, Julia is watering thyme and garlic.

Another way we used recycled materials was by using this book shelf from Target. We had bought this boxed-type bookshelf for the girls when they were just toddlers. It has been sitting in our garage for about 4 years, gathering dust and bugs. 😉 So, we decided to lay it on it’s side and put it to use!

In the bookshelf is basil, rosemary, cilantro, lettuce, and green pepper.

Directly in front (in the pots) is, cucumber and oregano.


The girls were digging through the garage and found some plastic planter boxes. We were trying to figure out where to put them, and the idea came to me to put them on the fence! We are trying to use our space wisely and building a garden UP, makes use of all available space.

Shawn reinforced the boxes with screws. The fence is reinforced with metal poles to help hold the weight of the dirt and plants.

We put lettuce in one box and strawberries and the other two boxes.








This was our last little addition. I haven’t decided what we’re going to put in these small pots. Maybe some more strawberries?

Anyways, I’m sure we will add more to the garden in the coming months. Stay tuned!



One thought on “Our New Little Green Garden

  1. As my garden winds down for the year I find myself ripping up more lawn 😉 Your kids are so cute gardening! I love it – just like when I have mine out back!

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