A Tiny Harvest

Today I pulled out my Nesco dehydrator. I was inspired by GazingIn and envious of all her peaches that she dehydrated yesterday. Our peaches are completely done for the season, here in Texas, so I had to use what we do have.

I decided to try making an applesauce roll-up using the plastic insert pan and pre-made applesauce. I know it’s not fancy and not completely homemade, but I didn’t have time to make applesauce from scratch.

We also had a bunch of bananas, so I diced them up, dipped them in honey, and put them in the dehydrator.

As a last minute through-in, I decided to pull off 4 basil leaves, and put them in there too.

Yes, just 4 little leaves….It’s a very small little tiny harvest, if you would call it that. But I am proud to announce that my very first attempt to grow, harvest, and dry herbs, has worked!

What can I say…..I am impatient.



5 thoughts on “A Tiny Harvest

  1. 4 basil leaves is more than I got 😉 Basil never grows well here 😦
    Btw, I find parchment paper works even better than the plastic liners – just cut to fit. Once it is tacky but not wet, I take it off the parchment paper and dry it on the exposed. Works well!

      • And if it isn’t too soggy you can reuse them a couple of times too 🙂 I know I preach the Costco thing a lot – they sell huge rolls of parchment paper for what a tiny rolls costs in the store! Anyhow, I have one I cut as a template I keep, then I can easily cut out more – and you can cut a circle out for the center core as well 🙂

      • I tried the parchment paper idea on the second batch and it dried over last night. The parchment paper worked like a charm! I actually preferred it over the plastic insert. Thanks for the idea!!

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