Is Eating Vegan Really More Expensive?  My Daily Bread Crumbs posted this the other day, and I thought it was interesting. Our family is not a strict vegan. Although we are inching close and closer to it everyday. We eat mostly plant-based foods, but we still eat eggs occasionally (all my baked goods are 99% vegan) for breakfast or a snack, and maybe twice a month I’ll eat some turkey. It’s very minimal though animal products and Shawn and I notice a difference on how we feel when we do eat animal based products versus days we eat all vegan. Mostly I find the evidence in how my….er, um….digestive tract is working, but I won’t go into too much detail on that! 😉

Like My Daily Bread Crumbs, I get this question quite a bit too, “How can I eat healthy and still have it be within my budget?” or “Eating healthy is expensive, right?” My Daily Bread Crumbs found that on her old diet she was spending about $165 per month on “junk.” To her, “junk” included things like milk, cheese, and oreos….things that don’t go with a plant-based diet. Anyways, she concluded that because her family cut those things out she would have $165 to find plant-based items that her family did like. Anyways, you can read more on her conclusions.

I have been thinking about doing a similar comparison. I am a total financial geek and keep all our records and receipts….usually. 😉 I have wanted to go digging through old “2009” boxes to find our grocery receipts and compare them to now. I do know that our grocery bill is cheaper, because we used-to pay around $220+ per week on groceries. (Of course my twins were born in 2009, so I’m not sure why it was so much!) And now our bill is around $100-$120 per visit.

I really need to investigate more…..



One thought on “Is Eating Vegan Really More Expensive?

  1. Mine would be cheaper if I didn’t indulge in things like organic cold pressed walnut oil. Hah!! Still, I don’t feel guilty – meat for a family of 5 would be $6 to 12 a meal so we really save money.

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