A Few New Garden Friends

We have added to our garden. One thing nice about the south is you can garden pretty much all year without the fear of freezing your plants out….usually.

I got this new little guy from a co-worker. It’s an aloe plant. Haven’t checked out exactly what to do with it, but we are keeping it around for an occasional burn. It’s pretty to look at too. (and yes, I know it’s weird that the pot is sitting on 2 bricks. I’m still figuring out this gardening thing.)

We have a tomato! Yes, one tomato. I’m sure there will be more, but for now, I had to turn on the “micro/macro function” on the camera to get a good picture. But check it out

Here is another new plant friend we picked up at a “Big Boxed (orange) Store” on Saturday. It is a Satsuma Tree, which produces….satsumas. (duh!) They are baby-type-orange-things. We picked this tree out because it is cold and heat tolerate, but also it came with two oranges already on the tree. I figured if I keep watering it, I can at least get two pieces of fruit from it. Right?

And I feel like such a proud little momma, our cucumber plant has several flowers on it….which I think means, a baby cucumber will grow in it’s place. (This is as much of a learning process for the kids as for me!) Anyways, keep watering and maybe we’ll get a small crop!



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