Salt Overload?

I am super guilty of wanting a salt overload. I don’t necessarily salt things I eat at home, but when I eat out, ohhhh the salt is just so good! I’m not sure why, but usually after I eat them, I feel BIG TIME bloated!

“hello, water weight, you are just what I need….come and sit around my midsection.”

A few weeks ago, I met a older gentleman who is here visiting from Japan. He comes in frequently to shop at the store I work at. After looking at the label he ask why our bread has so much salt in it.

“320 milligrams?!” He says to me, “That is too much for my health!”

I really didn’t know how to respond other than “yeah, it is quite a bit, I guess. That is per slice also.”

“WHAT!?! I thought that was for the whole loaf!”

I shrug my shoulders. I don’t eat bread and I really can’t say much more.

But here is a salty surprise: according to the CDC, Americans get most of their sodium from bread, not from salty snacks like popcorn and pretzels. (Those 2 were #10 on the “top sodium list.”)

The CDC’s findings concluding that it’s not that bread itself has a ton of salt in it, it’s the sheer fact that, as American’s, we eat far too much bread…thus, raising our sodium intake.

So how much salt should we eat in a day?

I was surprised to find out that we should only be consuming 1 teaspoon per day (2,200 mg). One out of ten adults consume this amount.

It’s easy to rack up more than our daily share:

  • Cold cuts: 600 mg
  • Slice of pizza: 590 mg
  • Bread: 320 mg
  • Canned soup: 1,100 mg
  • Cheese: 535 mg

If your looking for low-sodium foods, stick with things that are below 140 mg of sodium.





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