Reflections….Before and After Pics

I’ve been a little quiet the last few days. Honestly, I’ve been very busy. You know….four kids, homeschooling, working, life….it happens sometimes! But during my few days of quiet, I’ve been reflecting on the past 1.5 years and how different our life is now vs. then.

What if….:

….I hadn’t wandered into our new local gym

….I hadn’t met my trainer, Jenn, who helped guide me into healthy eating and a good workout routine

….my husband hadn’t agreed to the added expense of a trainer (!) THANK YOU DEAR!

….my size 16 jeans had still fit and I was okay with being “overly curvy”

…..I hadn’t blown up (and then cried afterwards) at the nice old man who asked me “when my 5th baby was due.” (note: I was not pregnant….)

What if…. I had quit.

I will be the very first person in line to tell you and shout it from the mountain tops: I am NOT a perfectly clean eating person!

There. The air is cleared. I’m not perfect. But here is the bottom line, even if I fell off the wagon for a meal or 5 meals, I picked myself up and got back on the healthy-eating-horse and kept chuggin’ away. I NEVER JUST GAVE UP. My weight (and my husbands also…) did not come on us over night, therefore, I had to be patient going in reverse and getting it off.

I get asked a lot how I lost the weight or what product I used or whatever, so here, I will share with all my readers the secret to weight loss: a good clean diet, exercise, and patience!!

Here are a few before and after pictures of Shawn (the hubs) and I (note: all the before pictures were taken AFTER I had my twins….like 18 months after. And no, I’m not pregnant with our 5th!).
BEFORE: (Kelly: size 16 pants and XL shirt; Shawn: size 40 pants and 2XL shirt)

AFTER: (Kelly: size 4/6 pants and small shirt; Shawn: size 32 pants and large shirt)


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