Gobble Gobble

Our family is mostly plant-based. We eat eggs a few times a week and maybe eat chicken or turkey twice a month. The rest of the time, all our food is fresh produce, a few grains, and beans. It’s a quite fulfilling diet and I never find monotony or lack of flavor or finding new things to try.

I came across this article today, on takepart.com, that talks about turkeys and the “behind the scenes” story on where your main course will come from for your Thanksgiving meal. This just makes me sad and mad all at the same time:

No Room to Roam

  • Americans will consume 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving
  • Space is tight on the farm, so each turkey has about 3.5 square feet of space
  • “In 1970, the average turkey raised for meat weighed 17 pounds. Today, thanks to copious amounts of high-calorie feed, turkeys weigh up to 28 pounds and have such large breasts that they are unable to naturally reproduce. According to United Poultry Concerns, modern turkeys grow so quickly that if a seven-pound human baby grew at the same rate, the infant would weigh 1,500 pounds at just 18 weeks of age.”
  • “Millions of turkeys mean millions of pounds of waste. In Ohio, one turkey farm alone produces four million pounds of manure per year.”

(Quotes taken from takepart.com)

So the solution for the turkey eaters? Buy a humanly raise turkey.

The article suggests: “Free-range, organic, and heritage turkeys are available online and in local farms. Local Harvest has a comprehensive list of organic, pastured, and heritage turkey sellers in every city. If you prefer your turkeys to stay in the family, Mary’s Turkey raises their heritage and organic turkeys in a stress-free environment that is four times the size of the average commercial ranch. One of the largest vendors of heritage turkeys, Heritage Foods USA, works with farms all over the country to process about 7,500 Heritage turkeys each November.”


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