I’m alive…really!

So it’s been 2 months since my last blog entry. I’ve got a good reason, I’ve been sick!

Right now, I’m stuck at home with strep and I swear, if I have to call into work one more time….. ugh!

Okay, so being sick has really been getting me down. It throws off my work schedule, my kids, my home life, and my food. Yes, my food. For some reason whenever I’m sick, my “get well food” is saltine crackers. Apparently, so I heard from friends, this isn’t a common food and in fact is nasty. I’m supposed-to be eating chicken noodle soup or something of that nature.

Over Christmas, we celebrated with my family at our house for a few days and then left for Florida to visit my husbands family. It was a wonderful holiday season, and as we all know, it’s hard to maintain diet-exacto. 😉 So I would generally make healthy choices, but the cookies….and the bread….and the other things….that all make up the holiday’s, were scattered into my holiday daily plan.

My thoughts: “Well I can tolerate it!” and “I’ll just run it off in the morning.”

Ugh, boy was I wrong. I got back from vacation and had some how managed to loose 3 pounds, and my diet was still a little off. Yes, I ate my perfectly wonderful fruits and veggies, but I sprinkled in some more of my holiday foods (cookies, etc.). I was home, and it was January, but I was still in “holiday mode” with my food.

Then the pains started. Severe pains. Like rolling on the floor, shoot me in the belly, pains. I thought I was…I don’t know…something was off.

The pain would go on for six to eight hours. Then it would end as quickly as it came on, and a week later !BAM!—hit with the severe pain again! I could almost count down until it would hit. Every 7-8 days the pain would hit. After the third round of this Shawn said “enough is enough,” and took me to the doctor. To which the doctor referred me to the ER immediately. (Apparently, serve stomach pains aren’t good thing in the “doctor world.”)

The ER doctor ran his series of scans on me, to which it showed nothing. He then confidently announced (based on nothing) that I had ulcers and I should start on Prevacid, and also referred me to a GI doctor. Afraid of the stomach pains coming back I immediately started on the meds and called the GI doctor.

Within four days of taking the Prevacid, I felt worse, all the time. I realized that it was not the right medication for me so I took myself off of it and started feeling better over the next few days. All while this is going on, I realized eating my go-to-sick-item, saltine crackers, made me feel better, temporarily.

Finally, two weeks after the ER visit, my appointment for the GI doctor arrives. (YAY!) He examines me, takes a looks at my sonogram and lab slips from the ER, and asked me tons of questions. He suggests two separate tests, both of which are approximately $2000 each. (Yeah, I have insurance, but really don’t want to get into that right now….)

One comment he did make to me, at the end of the exam was “You know, a lot of these tests come back as gluten-intolerance.”

Because our insurance “rolls-over” in March, we decided to wait until March for the tests. But in the mean-time I started immediately (back) on a gluten-free diet. Yup, I’m following my rules. Holiday’s over. Time to re-commit to what I believed in the first place.

And guess what…..

Day #12 with NO severe stomach pains!

Keep ya posted!



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