Pamela’s Gluten-free mix products

I’m not big on buying premade gluten-free stuff. I do buy the boys gluten-free animal crackers for school, but that’s about it. In August, on a trip to Colorado, I discovered Pamela’s Baking and Pancake mix. And oh my gosh, it is the…BOMB! 😉

It is more expensive than regular wheat baking and pancake mixes, but for a gluten-free mix this stuff tastes and acts very similar to wheat products. And it’s still way cheaper than buying the products pre-made. You can get it in most stores, but I buy it from Amazon (3- 4lb bags for $47.49). It lasts our family of six about 4 months. I make cookies, pancakes, waffles, and muffins with it.

Pamela’s has another product I’ve been really enjoying….especially lately!….Gluten-free Bread mix. Our family doesn’t eat much bread, but it is nice to have a bread mix around for the occasional “hey, I feel like a PB&J today.” The bread made from this is awesome! It holds up really well, and in a tastes test against regular white wheat bread, I bet I could fool you! 😉 Anyways, I want to try to make pizza crust with it sometime. More to come, I guess!

(No, I don’t get paid commission by Pamela’s…I just really love their products!!) My last recommendation is Pamela’s Chocolate Brownie Mix. Another great product with great results. This is great for the quick “Oh no, I’m suppose to bring a dessert!” mix. Two great things about this product: 1. No sugar. It uses honey and molasses; 2. On the packaging there is several different options to make up the brownies. If you want less fat, follow this direction. If you want egg-less, follow this direction. If you want cake-like, follow this direction…and so on. Anyways, great product. Love, love me some chocolate brownies!!

Happy Baking!



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