Making homemade flours

Another wonderful gift I received for Christmas was a food processor. I got this from my 4 wonderful children and husband. (LOVE! XOXO!)

Since we are a family of six, on a budget, I like to keep our food costs down. I’ve mentioned before that buying pre-made mixes and flour is expensive, but it is still cheaper than buying a pre-made gluten-free product. So I justify it, to a certain extent.

My quest has been to start making my own flours. Before I got my fancy new tool, I was limited on the flours I could make. Oat Flour was super easy and my blender could handle grinding it up small enough to bake with. But I was limited on the other flours I could make.

….until now….

I’ve been researching making how to make my own rice (brown and white rice!) flour, bean flour, almond flour, etc…. and what exactly to do with it all to make a product that my family and I would want to eat. (More to come on all that…)

So, I’ve made oat flour —EASY!

And now, thanks to my new food processor, I’ve moved up to making my own rice flour! I’m off to Sprouts to buy some bulk rice, and from everything I’ve read, making the flour is as easy as: pouring the product in, hitting “on,” and storing in the cool place until used.

Anyone else experimenting with homemade flours?


2 thoughts on “Making homemade flours

  1. That’s a lovely food processor! Yeah!! Happy Times! I will receive my new Kenwood food processor in 2 weeks & I can’t wait !! I make my own flours bu using the dry container of my Vitamix! 🙂 We are both very happy now!

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