Step by step: How to make homemade Rice and Oat Flour

Making homemade Oat and Rice Flour….let my mistakes be to your benefit! No, honestly, it wasn’t that bad. Here are some step-by-step directions, with pictures, to show you how easy it really is.

IMG_8026Step 1: Gather all your supplies. Food processor or blender, rice and oats. I used jasmine rice but I think next time I’m just going to use regular ol’white rice. Let’s start with Oats. Pour in Gluten-free Oats into processor and hit “on” button.




IMG_8028Step 2: Pour ground oats into a container, label, seal, and store in a cool, dry place. I put mine in the freezer.




IMG_8029Step 3: Pour rice into food processor and hit “on” button.



IMG_8030Step 4: Realize that the food processor really isn’t the right tool to grind up the rice. Not sure why…..Anyways, stand back and scratch your head and look around the kitchen for another tool. I used my hand wand mixer. I think the Nutribullet would’ve handled it too.



IMG_8031Step 5: Take the hand wand mixer out while still running and spray rice all over the kitchen. (note: you are welcome to make this step optional. It’s only recommended for the die-hard kitchen cleaner types.)



IMG_8035Step 6: Finish grinding rice and pour it into a container, label, and store in cool, dry place. Again, I store my in the freezer. This helps it from becoming rancid.




IMG_8037Step 7: Enlist a munchkin to help clean up from problem on Step 5. Thankfully, (or weirdly) he loves the taste of raw rice and was happy to help.




*Update since trying this: I found that my Nutribullet, using the grinder, worked AWESOME on the rice

Happy Baking!!


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