Tried this, made it, and LOVED LOVED LOVED IT! It is so easy and full of wonderful fall flavors. With only 1/4 cup of maple syrup for the sweetener it’s hard not to “over indulge” in this tasty dessert.


For this month’s Secret Recipe Club I was assigned Tea and Scones.  Margaret of Tea and Scones has some amazing baking on her site!  While I have to agree with her that scones are amazing, I was drawn to her Pumpkin Rice Pudding recipe.

In her post Margaret mentioned that the recipe made A LOT of rice pudding, so I halved the recipe.  I also took her advice to pump-up the spice a bit.  Since I wanted to veganize the recipe I made the following substitutions; maple syrup for honey and So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk for the cow’s milk.  Lastly, I reduced the amount of sweetener (in my case maple syrup) because in general I do not like my desserts as sweet as most people do.

Life was a bit busy the day I decided to make the rice pudding, so I decided to take a chance…

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L-Jay Health

I was doing some research and came across an article on McDonalds and thought to myself “When was the last time I ate there”? Thankfully I could not remember the last time I ate fast food at all. It seems like everywhere you go there is a McDonalds restaurant on the corner. Now they are in hospitals, colleges, airports, and even churches.

I remember watching a documentary Super Size Me and it was very interesting but sad of all the negative health effects that Morgan Spurlock developed just by eating fast food all those times, not to mention all the weight he gained as well. He put his health on the line just to educate and demonstrate how our bodies react to these foods. If you haven’t seen the documentary I highly recommend it.

Fast food costs are inexpensive and tastes very good, but the negative effects on physical health last much…

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How fun! Heatlhy cookie dough! Check this out. 🙂

Playful and hungry

Who doesn’t love cookie dough? I mean, seriously! I never quite understood why some people actually bake cookie dough! As I didn’t grow up with cookie dough treats, I’ve told you about my excitement when found out about cookie dough ice cream before…

And isn’t cookie dough the most playful food ever? You make any shape from dough, using your hands or cookie cutters and eating half of the dough while doing so…

Yes, you can do really exciting, creative shapes… or you can just form balls like I did. Yummy, rich, buttery cookie dough balls. Not your average cookie dough though! This is a healthier, almost raw version! But as delicious.

RAW Cookie dough 

  • 2/3 cup cashews
  • 1/3 cup rolled oats
  • 2 tbsp agave
  • 1 tbsp whole cane sugar (for the typical cookie dough flavor. Can be replaced by brown cane sugar or more agave)
  • dash natural vanilla powder…

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Repost: Food Babe Investigates Chipotle vs. Moes

This was a post from a blog that I LOVE: 100 days of real food.

It’s a blog about a family who decided to go 100 days of eating nothing processed; eating only REAL FOOD. Her motto: “Eat nothing that contains more than 5 ingredients on the ingredient list.” Her experiment changed her family’s life and they have gone onto living a processed-food-free life and eating only real food.

Anyways, she recently posted an investigation into Chipotle and Moe’s and whether it was really as healthy as it advertised. The conclusion: surprisingly, not so much. Sad, Shawn actually really liked Chipotle, and it appeared to be a safe-place to eat.

Read here to find out what is really in the “healthy” food at Chipotle and Moe’s. It’s surprising!


And the winner is…..

First of all, thank you for all who liked Nutty Alternatives on Facebook. I really appreciate the support! 🙂 Second, the winner of a new Babycakes cookbook is……#24


Ginger! Facebook message me your address and I will send you the book. Thanks all for playing along. Kelly

Some great advice about adapting recipes to fit your needs.

Gazing In

With school being 3 weeks away I figured I should start baking up cookies to freeze for lunches. I have fall on the mind, even with it being 84° outside… I was feeling inspired by warmer flavors. On one of the blogs I follow, the topic came up about failures in vegan baking. My secret is taking proven non-vegan recipes and adapting them, particularly those in Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks. Overall I had success with nearly all the recipes adapted this way. My methods?

Don’t mess with the baking powder/baking soda or salt called for. Baking is a science.

If you change the flour from all-purpose to whole wheat, use white whole wheat. It is a better choice in taste and texture, it doesn’t have the heavy feel of whole wheat flour (and not to worry – it is actually whole wheat flour, just a different type!) If you are not used to white whole wheat use half it…

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“Thank you guys” and a Give-away!!

Two very happy months of blogging, and almost 1,400 views of Nutty Alternatives since my “official launch” only 3 weeks ago!

First off, THANK YOU for reading and for the support!!  There would be very little reason to write without, you, my reader. Thank you, Thank you! 🙂

Secondly, I am going to embark on my very first GIVE-AWAY!

“What do I get?”

Glad you asked! The Give-away prize is your very own copy of one of my new favorite books,”Babycakes”! (Description below) Whether you are a grain-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, meat-eating, vegan, whatever-alternative……you’ll love this book! I’ve made carrot cake muffins, chocolate chip cookies, and also the banana bread. Sweet goodness!! “Babycakes” author Erin McKenna is the owner of an alternative-baking bakery in New York City.

BabyCakes: Vegan, (Mostly) Gluten-Free, and (Mostly) Sugar-Free Recipes from New York's Most Talked-About Bakery

“Okay cool. How do I win?”

Simply “like” Nutty Alternatives on Facebook by Thursday, August 16th (5:00pm CT)! 🙂 That’s all.

If you’ve already “like”-d Nutty Alternatives, GREAT, you will automatically be entered into the drawing.

I will put all your names on a list by a number and then have an auto-generator figure out the winner. Winner will be announced on Friday morning, August 17th!

Thank you for participating!!!


Information about the book:

“Simply, BabyCakes is your key to an enlightened, indulgent, sweets-filled future. This is important news not only for parents whose children have allergies, for vegans, and for others who struggle with food sensitivities, but also for all you sugar-loving traditionalists. The recipes in these pages prove that there is a healthy alternative to recklessly made desserts, one that doesn’t sacrifice taste or texture.

Having experimented endlessly with alternative, health-conscious sweeteners, flours, and thickeners, Erin McKenna, the proprietress of beloved bakery BabyCakes NYC, developed these recipes–most are gluten-free, all are without refined sugar–in hopes of combating her own wheat, dairy, and sugar sensitivities. In BabyCakes, she shares detailed information about the ingredients she uses (coconut flour, xanthan gum, and agave nectar, for example) and how to substitute them properly for common ones–all the while guiding you safely through techniques she’s spent years perfecting.

When BabyCakes NYC opened on Manhattan’s Lower East Side in 2005, it helped propel the gluten-free and vegan baking movement into a new stratosphere. Suddenly there was a destination for those with wheat allergies and other dietary restrictions–and, soon enough, celebrities and dessert lovers of every kind–to indulge freely in delectable muffins and teacakes, brownies and cookies, pies and cobblers.

Enclosed within these pages are all the “secrets” you’ll need to bring the greatness of BabyCakes NYC into your own home as well as raves and recommendations from devotees such as Natalie Portman, Jason Schwartzman, Mary-Louise Parker, Zooey Deschanel, and Pamela Anderson.

For confectionists of all kinds, delicious alternatives lie within: Red Velvet Cupcakes, Chocolate Shortbread Scones with Caramelized Bananas, Strawberry Shortcake, and BabyCakes NYC’s celebrated frosting (so delicious it has fans tipping back frosting shots!), to name just a few. Finally, Erin’s blissful desserts are yours for the baking!”