Chocolate Chip Cookies…ohhhh yum!

Okay, so I know this is like my second post on chocolate chip cookies. Can you tell I loooove chocolate chip cookies!?!?!

Today I decided to try another recipe from my new book, “Babycakes.” This is the second one I’ve tried, and usually in trying new recipe books, I end up with one or both just tasting like junk. Well, this book has far exceeded my expectations and was WELL worth the $15 I spent on it.

The chocolate chip cookies, well, I could eat the whole batch in one sitting. (I didn’t though…) 😉 I am extremely picky about my cookies, particularly chocolate chip, just because I compare everything to my beloved Toll House version from the back of the bag of chocolate chips. But alas, those will not do any longer for our family.

The recipe called for the Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free flour and used evaporated cane juice for the sweetener. (I guess this is the part of the book that was “mostly sugar-free.”) The recipe also includes flaxseed meal, and applesauce…and of course a few other baking goodies that I won’t post in detail due to copyright laws 😉

I was very cautious on trying this one. I’ve tried countless alternative chocolate chip cookie recipes, and nothing has even come close to my Toll House. I had kind of given up on finding a new perfect recipe…..until I tasted one of these. I am not exaggerating, these tasted EXACTLY like Toll House cookies, with slightly crispier edges. I’m not kidding. Trust me, I’ve sampled two….er, um, maybe five….just to make sure my findings are correct!

I’m sold. Vegan chocolate chip cookies from “Babycakes” here I come. Sorry, Toll House, we are officially broken up.



Carrot Cake Cupcakes

My sweet little Julia and her Carrot Cake Cupcake….er, um, muffin!….this morning for breakfast.

Yesterday, Hannah and I decided to tackle a recipe a my new baking book, “Babycakes.” (I mentioned it in a previous post.) Everything in this book is vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free….how much better could it get!! Hannah picked out the carrot cake cupcakes to bake first.

In case you are interested in the recipe product breakdown:

The flour we used for this recipe was Bob’s Red Mill All Purpose Gluten-free Flour. It is a nice mixture of potatoes, sorghum, tapioca, garbanzo, and fava beans.

For the sweetener, the recipe called for agave nectar.

The frosting is made from coconut oil, rice milk, rice powder, and agave nectar.

Put all together, and it produced one awesome little cupcake! Can’t wait to try more from this book!!

Weird is the new normal

It seems that the more weird I become, the more normal I feel.

I have been reading the “Main Street Vegan” book for the past few days, and the stuff she is saying seems to be very much jiving with how I feel. I have to get over some of the stuff in the book about “animals” and “eating them” because to be honest, I don’t give much thought to that. But what I do find interesting is the push towards eating more vegetables and fruits and getting away from processed food and refined sugar.

I realized, in past few days of reading this book, that our family has crossed a new line I didn’t even realize we were crossing….we are mostly a vegetarian family. We chose to not eat pork or beef (except Shawn on a very RARE occasion!) about a year ago. I really haven’t found it to be very limiting. In fact, I don’t miss those two animals at all on my plate. We have been eating chicken, fish, and turkey for out meat.

Over the past few months, we have cut down on our chicken, turkey, and fish buying to maybe eating it once a week. I have no idea why. The idea of making beans and quinoa, or a large salad, for dinner has sounded better, and my kids (and Shawn too) don’t seem to mind my menu changes. So I didn’t really think much of it, until I start reading this book.

I’m not really that big on labels. “Oh, I’m a vegetarian.” “I’m  _____.” I try to eat and serve the best cleanest food I can to my family, but occasionally we do eat off our “clean menu.” And THAT’S OKAY! Although I have to say, that the last month of eating more “vegetarian like” I have never felt so good and (dare I say it….) normal.

So we’ll see where this adventure takes us. Shawn is gun-ho’ on whatever, because he is really reaping the benefits from eating more fruits and veggies. Skin is our largest organ, and obviously we can see it. In a way, I am thankful that Shawn’s skin reacts to the “bad food” because we can visibly see the effects it has on not only him, but myself and our kids too.

“You can get the dollar deal at a fast-food place and feel full, or spend a dollar and a half on a tomato. This discrepancy is a fairly recent one, and it’s largely due to government subsidies to the meat, dairy, soy, sugar, and corn industries. Subsidies have helped to make burgers and buckets and pitcher-sized sodas deceptively cheap, while the simple produce that ought to cost less is pricier. ” (Taken from ‘Main Street Vegan’ by: Victoria Moran)

Some new books

Here are two new books I am reading. I just picked them up today, and am excited to get reading!

The first one: “Main Street Vegan.” ….”OMG! HOW WEIRD!” I know, right? I really never thought I’d be exploring such a strange option! And I know it’s probably not that weird. But along our journey, one thing I did notice is how much better I felt super dosed up on vegetables. I noticed a difference when I ate too much meat (as in 2-3 servings per day). The day after I would feel slow and sluggish. I have already been beef and pork free for almost a year. I’m not sure if I could be 100% vegan ….(as I’m writing this I’m chowing down on some greek yogurt!) ….but adding in more vegan meals and using more plant based protein definitely sounds appetizing to me. Anyways, the book is about being an “everyday type vegan” not the one that eats tofu for Thanksgiving meals!

The second book I bought is called “Babycakes.” OHHHH, I am so excited to break into this book with my girls!!! Colorful photos of cookies, cakes, and cupcakes on every page has got the two of them (and me!) drooling! It’s a cookbook that is “vegan, (mostly) gluten-free, (mostly) sugar-free, recipes from New York’s most talked about bakery.” Using alternatives like applesauce instead of butter/oil, and alternative flours and sugars….sign me up! 🙂 I will keep you posted on any fun recipes me and my two mini bakers find.